Yellowstone Forever: Nature's Best Photography Competition Entries

Hey everyone! To update those of you who aren't aware, I have moved from Jackson WY back to my native land of Vermont for two years to undertake the University of Vermont's Field Naturalist Program. It has been with much hesitation and many difficult choices that I've left the paradise of Jackson Hole, but I believe it will be the best thing for me. The program is a two-year masters in natural history, with a tremendous intensity toward learning all of the things that I like to discover and share with my guests in the GYE. I felt that my expertise was stagnating, and this program will overfill those tanks with great fuel for deeper inquiry and fascination down the road. I look forward to returning to the West when the program is complete. I'll do my best to keep you loaded with photography from Vermont, as well as great photos from my GYE archives.

To that end, many of you have sent me the link to the Nature's Best photography competition featuring Yellowstone National Park for the upcoming 100th anniversary of the National Park Service. Thank you all for the suggestion! I've entered many photos into the ring, and I wanted to share my submissions with you. Wish me luck, and enjoy!


  1. Great photo shots! I love nature photos! I try not to edit such type of photos with different software, but sometimes I use to add more contrast and colors to my nature shots.


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