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In the Kingdom of the Ice Bear

“Don’t worry, these things can’t get stuck,” I said to a group of increasingly concerned guests aboard a machine that is best described as the illegitimate offspring of a coach bus and a monster truck. The polar rover has six wheels, each nearly six feet tall. It can run in six-wheel drive. It can drive straight through lakes and ice jams, and is maybe the only thing within twenty miles that is truly polar bear proof. The ill-fated Franklin Expedition would not have failed if they had one of these. The previous vehicle to traverse this arctic trail network was a tank(ok this link is from Russia, but the same thing happened here too). Perhaps more impressive than all that, it actually has a flushing toilet.
So I was a little surprised that we were high-centered in a ten-foot tall powdery snowdrift, all six wheels spinning. Aside from being the first six-wheeled rover in history to get stuck (I think our driver was also curious to know its limits), our first two polar bears of the week…

The Last week in PolarBearLand

Hey all,
I'm back in Vermont for a bit catching up on sleep after a truly epic month in northern Manitoba. Here are some photo highlights of the final week of expeditions in Churchill. Stay tuned for a more formal post on the experience in the week to come!

Week Four in PolarBearLand

Highlights from the Polar Bear Capital of the World, Nov 5-11

Week THREE in PolarBearLand!

Awesome week with spectacular bear watching and beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Here are some photos!