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Autumn in Yellowstone

Summer is over in the Tetons and Yellowstone, and winter is quickly approaching. The following photos were taken on a single three-day wildlife tour in the parks, and capture the classic autumn behaviors of these animals. I enjoyed taking these photos, and I think you'll enjoy viewing them.

Disclaimer: Some of these photos were taken closer than the 25 yard minimum (or 100 yard for wolves and bears) that is enforced by the park service. I do my best to adhere to these distances whenever it is prudent to do so for the safety of my guests and the animal. The parks depend on our organization as a role-model for responsible wildlife watching. In all cases where we are within 25/100 yards of these animals, the wildlife approached us to feed in nearby habitat. We did not approach them. In many instances, staying put causes less disturbance to the animal than turning on a vehicle, slamming car doors, and maneuvering ourselves outside of the 25/100 yard zone. If the animals are comfortabl…