I am back in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, in Grand Teton National Park, working on a bird tracking project. This will run until May, at which point I’ll switch to another new, exciting job that I will tell you all about when the time comes. I spent a while today thinking about how I can make this blog more exciting for the both of us. The Tetons are now a familiar place for me, so I don’t get as much satisfaction posting pictures of the same scenery over and over again, pretty as it may be. I am also fully aware that many of you want to see more and more pictures of the Tetons and its wildlife, and I promise not to disappoint.

A couple notes on the trajectory of this blog: While I will continue to use this as an occasional sounding board for my own opinions and your thoughts, I will be transitioning away from the travelogue motif, and into new styles of posting. I started this as a way to keep a multimedia journal of my travels, and as a way for you to know where I am. I find that traveling teaches me a lot more about myself than the places I wind up. I am still fascinated by new environments and adventures, but I am more fascinated by what can be learned from engaging in a single place with a healthy community. This can’t be done by blasting into and out of a destination in 3 weeks or 3 months. Every time I return from a big trip, I have an increasing desire to just stay put and connect with a place that feels comfortable and full of potential. Jackson has obviously struck a chord with me, and I intend to stay here for a while. I want to write about more than just traveling, and you want to read about more than where I’ve been. Consider these next posts an expression of the thoughts, information, and experiences that I have found shareworthy.

elk looking scrawny, barely getting by on the meager rations available at winter's end.


  1. Sean, I think taking your blog in this new direction is an excellent idea. I look forward to reading about your always incredible life and life experiences!


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