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Reflecting on the Tetons: Fly Fishing.

This weekend I put on snow pants and winter boots and spent about 45 minutes trying to untangle a fly fishing reel that had sank to the bottom of my pile of stuff, prematurely retired for the season almost two months ago. With rod, reel, and makeshift tackle box I went to my “spot” on the Snake River to try to catch something, if only branches and memories.
It’s not a very good spot. I’ve never brought home anything from that part of the river that I was terribly excited about. But it’s one of those spots that seeps into your bones, and you store it in a little box in your brain. A little stone box with elephants and rhinos carved on it, given to you specifically to help store the memories of places like these. Filing the whole essence of the place on a mental note card labeled “that spot on the Snake River past the willow thicket and before the old railroad pilings.”
The note card is mostly factual. Descriptions of things that you would see if you stood in my spot. There’s the pool an…