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I took a couple evenings to drive into the park and enjoy the fall. I was surprised how much things reminded me of home. The same wet, earthy smell of decomposing leaves fills the air. The air is crisp but not cold enough to rush you towards shelter. The aspens turn the same fiery colors as Vermont's sugar maples. Even the dwarf willows put on a colorful show. The feeling of being outside makes you want to rake leaves, drink apple cider and build a campfire. But last week's dusting of snow in the high peaks re-dramatized the mountains that began to look almost inviting by the end of the summer, reminding me i'm not in Kansas Vermont anymore.
 No season-long photo album of the Tetons would be complete without pictures from the Oxbows, a particularly pretty spot in the park that photographers flock to for obvious reasons. While not a secluded or intimate spot by any means, it is still one of the most beautiful scenes in the country. Enjoy!