Teton Crest Trail

My sister just visited for a long, jam-packed weekend. We started things out with a 2-day hike into the Tetons, along the popular Teton Crest Trail. This backcountry route skirts along the back of the Tetons at about 10,000 ft, offering fantastic views of the Tetons from the western side that only backpackers are privileged to see. After we got off the trail, we hitchhiked back to our car and headed for a secret and secluded spot in the park where the Phantom Springs wolf pack has been frequenting. We watched them and listened to them howl at the setting sun, we went back to town for some Thai food and some rest.
Grand and Middle Teton from South Fork Cascade Canyon. Also, a first-try at mild HDR photography techniques.

At the top of the Death Canyon pass

Alaska Basin, near Sunset Lake

Alaska Basin

and a bison, for good measure