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Teton Snapshots

Update 8/15/11- Top of Sleeping Indian (11,238 ft)

Hi All,
My job is going very well here in Jackson. My position has been extended through the fall, so it looks like I will be here a while longer! I have been working on many cartography and wildlife biology projects here. In the office, I have been working on putting together a geodatabase of roadkill events in Wyoming over the last 30 years. The Department of Transportation has been keeping track of mileposts of roadkill sites, and now we're georeferencing those points to a map to better understand roadkill hot spots and deer migration corridors. I have also been mapping movements of GPS-collared mule deer as part of another big Department of Transportation contract. We've also been conducting some baseline habitat/property maps and inventories for conservation easements in the next county over. This involved lots of fancy mapping analyses, and a little ATV-driving across the sage desert. Also in the last month I've set …