Grand Teton National Park

Yesterday was one of those days that really can't be beat. I went for a long hike through rolling sage and aspen hills, following little-used hiking trails that were most recently traversed by moose, wolves, and foxes. We met up with a friend at his "campsite" in the National Forest, and had to bypass some bighorn sheep on our way there. Upon arrival, we saw a group of pronghorn antelope, perhaps the first few to migrate into the park this spring. We cooked burgers by a meandering river in a giant pastel valley while watching a group of elk walk silhouetted along a ridge. Nighthawks and snipe winnowed overhead.
     Outside the Serengeti Plains in Africa, this must be one of the most spectacular regions in the world for wildlife encounters. Nothing helps you tune-in to your surroundings more than discovering your place on the food chain: Fresh, frisbee-sized moose tracks and rumors of a nearby wolf den.


  1. The first photo in this post is particularly breath taking!

  2. Your photography never fails to amaze and entrance me, Sean. The fox is my favorite! How did you get close enough to take its picture? Do you just have a very powerful zoom?

    I actually came over here to tell you that I am starting up a new blog about animism, in case you want to have a look. I think you'd like it, since you are interested in the interplay between science and religion, and animism is a religion that gets on very well with science. I hope you will comment on some of my future posts because it would be cool to have a biologist's perspective on a lot of the things I plan on writing about. Anyway, check it out, it's at


  3. Thanks for the compliments. This fox walked right past our feet. It was hot on the trail of some rodent's scent probably, and paid little attention to us. I'll check out the blog, thanks for sharing


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