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Grand Teton National Park

Yesterday was one of those days that really can't be beat. I went for a long hike through rolling sage and aspen hills, following little-used hiking trails that were most recently traversed by moose, wolves, and foxes. We met up with a friend at his "campsite" in the National Forest, and had to bypass some bighorn sheep on our way there. Upon arrival, we saw a group of pronghorn antelope, perhaps the first few to migrate into the park this spring. We cooked burgers by a meandering river in a giant pastel valley while watching a group of elk walk silhouetted along a ridge. Nighthawks and snipe winnowed overhead.
     Outside the Serengeti Plains in Africa, this must be one of the most spectacular regions in the world for wildlife encounters. Nothing helps you tune-in to your surroundings more than discovering your place on the food chain: Fresh, frisbee-sized moose tracks and rumors of a nearby wolf den.