The World Series of Birding!

Snowy Egret

Hello! I am finally on the move again. I'm heading out west to Jackson, Wyoming to start a seasonal job in the Grand Tetons at the end of this month. I'm stopping at several places along the way, my first being at the 27th annual World Series of Birding in Cape May, New Jersey. If you have never heard of this (and if you're not a birder, you would have no reason to), this vintage Daily Show clip does a strangely accurate report on this event.

This Woodstock of birdwatching is absolute nerdvana. Binoculars with shoulder straps, spotting scopes in the middle of the night, shouting at crows in strangers' backyards, hooting at the empty woodside in hopes of eliciting a response from an owl, dancing around in a crowded snackbar parking lot while cheering about Parasitic Jaegers. Basically 24 hours of people starting out pretty strange and becoming increasingly insane as the hours draw on. After 12 hours of scouting, 3 hours of sleep, then 23 more hours of game-day birding, I was sprawled in a marsh-adjacent parking lot hallucinating Whip-Poor-Wills and Nelson's Sparrows calling all around me. 149 species during the trip, and all of them hard-earned, especially with the subdued dawn chorus, afternoon rain showers, and windy nocturnal hours.


  1. I hope I'll get to see that photo framed on my wall with all the others! It sounds like you had a great time, yay birdies!


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