Jackson, Wyoming, Part 1

This is my home for the next 3 months.

I'm working as the GIS intern at the Conservation Research Center branch of the Teton Science Schools. My office is in a suite of brand new "high performance" facilities (this term is how you disguise "sustainable" and "green" in red states)...

 ...and there is a short hike on the property that rewards you with this view:

In the past couple days I have seen 9 otters, 2 moose, a herd of elk, and a herd of bison. There's a raven nesting on my office building, and new and exciting birds are all over the place.

I'll be working mainly in the office, preparing maps and reports for environmental consulting projects relating to land management recommendations and habitat inventories. I wish I was out in the field a bit more, but an office job certainly has its perks, like a regular sleep schedule. I'm living with 7 other seasonal interns who are all very much into birding, hiking, camping, and cooking. This should be one excellent summer!


  1. Wow Sean! this looks amazing! Keep us posted!

  2. Bison bison! I want a Bison! I would probably name him Ted.

  3. Hey Man,

    That looks like just the sort of thing you were looking for. I dig the photos, as usual. Also, I saw some cool birds today, and had a short chat with a parrot.


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