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I once again donned my blazer and shiny shoes and cast off for another metropolitan adventure that, like New York City, was way, way, way above of my means. Pretending to be ritzy is not a very economical hobby. This trip was the birthday present of a close friend, so I was fortunate enough to tag along as the sponsored “plus one” in this foray. My friend is a history nut, so the primary goal of the trip was historical immersion. We followed Boston’s Freedom Trail, visiting Old North Church, Old State House, Old South Meeting House, King’s Chapel, Faneuil Hall, the Paul Revere House, an assortment of cemeteries, and the U.S.S. Constitution museum. 
We inadvertently found ourselves on the tail of Paul Revere, whose presence seemed to festoon every site we visited in the form of self-forged church bells, patriotic speeches, church pews, gravestones, and gold coinage. When wandering around the old stomping grounds of Revere and his Bostonian contemporaries, one is reminded of a fraternity…

New York City

Hi all. Sorry for not posting in a while. Thanks for your patience. After two months of intensive manuscript writing, GRE studying, and job applications, I took a much needed vacation to the center of the known universe… Manhattan! I also wanted to reward myself for finally landing an awesome summer job that will be making many appearances on my blog. More on that later.
I had a wonderful time staying with former housemate Michelle and catching up with other friends in town. Much fun was had, mostly in edible format, with notable awesome exceptions. Here was the itinerary! Apologies for the bad photos. All I had was my low-end cell phone.
The Grand Entrance- VT to NYC. Quick and painless. It turned out that a good friend was heading back to the city on the same day, so we carpooled. Parking was a cinch, and driving into and around the city was not as mind-melting as expected. The American Museum of Natural History- While Michelle was at work I walked around central park for a whi…