It has not escaped my attention that I have not posted in quite some time. I have been busy in the last month editing the final revisions for a paper on owl migration that is hopefully soon to be published in an ornithology journal. As I sat tirelessly at the co-opted dinner table, papers strewn across placemats and salt shakers, I occasionally reminded myself that all things exist in homeostatic balance. All the work poured into my manuscript this month makes up for the near lack of it over the last several months (honestly, I can’t count Idaho as work. I can’t believe I get paid for that stuff). While scouring a hundred papers for references to saw-whet owl migration speed, I reminded myself of the extraordinary things I’ve experienced since this time last year.
- Held (and got bitten by) a wild peregrine falcon.
- Walked through cathedrals of ancient tree giants, watched the sunrise and sunset over the Grand Canyon without another soul around for miles (except Jason), and met a renowned French accordionist in a Japanese/Belgian bar off of Bourbon Street, New Orleans.
- Had a wonderful time dancing to a terrific blues band in West Palm Beach with Clancy, despite my volcanically monumental aversion to that activity.
- Haggled for a fresh-caught barracuda in a Mozambican market and carried it down a white-sand beach peppered with millions of perfect seashells.

This guy was on the puffin colony too

SoCo7 mascot, Niggums. Certain people will be thrilled to see this photo.

- Ate a bagel in a plastic chair 30 feet away from a wild white rhinoceros. Almost got attacked by lions the same day.
- Spent 21 days hiking through the Green Mountains with my sister.
- Woke up from a nap on a puffin breeding colony to the pattering of gull feet on my tent’s rain-fly.
- Became the center of attention (along with other Vassar seniors) for a couple weeks at countless luncheons, dinners, and ceremonies with esteemed professors and advisors.

 So I guess I don’t mind having a dreary January to make up for all the adventuring. February will entail GRE studying, minor revisions on this owl publication, and hopefully lots of skiing. Hang in there and I’ll post more. Hopefully with something a bit more meaningful or interesting to read! And yes, there are some unrelated photos in this post. I'm ok with that, and I think you are too.

Camel's Hump
Hiking Camel's Hump with Clancy (and photographer Susan)

Light bouncing off a duck's face and shooting into my eyeball.


  1. Glad to see you are having such a great time of it! Good luck with the publication!

    Make some time to come down to western NC for a hike. I think I have convinced Peter to come at some point.

  2. I like the description of your last photo.


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