Road Trip: Part 4

Bumming around California for a couple weeks now. We drove Los Angeles to visit Jason's family. We stopped by Malibu and had fish tacos at Neptune's Net. Then we spent a couple nights visiting my sister at her school, Claremont McKenna College. Quite an impressive school! Now we've just returned from a 3-day trip to the Sierras, where we spent a few days in the mountains, enjoying the Jeffery pines and a luxurious ski condo overlooking Huntington Lake and Sierra Summit. It snowed about 30 inches in 48 hours, but our Toyota Corolla handled the mountain road like a champ. While we were up there it rained buckets in the Central Valley, knocking down the intense smog that had settled over Fresno. Turns out the valley is quite gorgeous after a rain!
View from Neptune's Net. Now imagine eating shrimp tacos simultaneously.

There was no snow when we arrived.