Road Trip: Part 1 (update)

Vassar Chapel
November 1-2- Spent in Burlington, VT, enjoying the downtown nightlife, the company of good friends, and a bit of laziness after my flight back from Boise.
November  3- Vassar College, catching saw-whets at the station i worked at the last 4 years. We caught 31 in about 5 hours. Compare this to 575 hours for 95 owls in Boise, and you can imagine my delight.
Harlem Projects. Old photo, but I like it.

 November 4- NYC by train to visit Michelle, our former housemate last year at Vassar. We went to Dizzy's, at Columbus Circle, a very swanky jazz club at Lincoln Center. Dona Moroni on piano, Joe Locke on vibes, and Peter Washington on bass. Quite the show!
November 5- Vassar again. Visited some of my professors and went to the Beech Tree Pub and Grill for the last time.
Shenandoah overlook.
November 6- Drove to Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. Slept on national forest land, and got approached by the police at 4AM. We weren't camping or parking illegally, they were just curious what we were doing. Wish the curiosity could have waited until at least 8AM. Shenandoah was pretty, but a bit underwhelming compared to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons a couple weeks ago. We drove straight through the next morning and continued on our way.
November 7-8 Atlanta, GA, visiting a Vassar friend for a couple nights. She has promised to have us acquainted with several gems of southern culture, starting with Waffle House. Emily took us to The Flying Biscuit for grits and fried green tomatoes, then to The Land Trust, a communal housing area among an unstructured property of gardens, playgrounds, forest, and emu pens. We then climbed Stone Mountain, a giant granite rock formation in the middle of an otherwise flat landscape. Finally we went to a drive-in theater to see Due Date, starring Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galafinakis. Way too many similarities in that movie to be pure coincidence. Thanks Emily for a great time in Atlanta!


  1. Wow! This sounds pretty amazing!

  2. Hey Kids,

    It was really great to see you two, but my life has become way boring since you left. Are you sure that NYC isn't still on your way? Sean, I hope you are over your cold/feeling better.

    --Your DBD


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