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Road Trip: Part 4

Bumming around California for a couple weeks now. We drove Los Angeles to visit Jason's family. We stopped by Malibu and had fish tacos at Neptune's Net. Then we spent a couple nights visiting my sister at her school, Claremont McKenna College. Quite an impressive school! Now we've just returned from a 3-day trip to the Sierras, where we spent a few days in the mountains, enjoying the Jeffery pines and a luxurious ski condo overlooking Huntington Lake and Sierra Summit. It snowed about 30 inches in 48 hours, but our Toyota Corolla handled the mountain road like a champ. While we were up there it rained buckets in the Central Valley, knocking down the intense smog that had settled over Fresno. Turns out the valley is quite gorgeous after a rain!

Road Trip: Part 3

November 12: Arches National Park

November 13: Bryce Canyon National Park.

November 14: Grand Canyon National Park (North Rim)

November 15-17: Staying in L.A. for a few days to visit family and friends. I think my life flashed before my eyes while driving through this forsaken mess of freeways.

Road Trip: Part 2

November 9- New Orleans, Louisiana! Stayed at a crunchy international hostel called India House, and took the streetcars down to Decatur Street and Frenchman's Street. Met a world-renowned french jazz accordion player (Norbert Slama) at a hole-in-the-wall pub. We told him we were a fan of Edith Piaf (his personal friend), and he was so excited that he played us one of her songs. Listen to this guy by clicking here.

November 10- En-route to Colorado, stayed at McLellan Creek National Grassland after 14 hours of driving. I hope no one reading this ever has to drive through Dallas, Texas. Don't do it. Really. Anyway, No light pollution at our campsite, so there was a beautiful sky and shooting stars. Oil derricks were peppered throughout the landscape, despite it being a public property. Did you know that we still uphold the Mining Act of 1872, which allows mining prospectors to lay claim to public lands in the interest of extracting natural resources? This includes national fores…

Road Trip: Part 1 (update)

November 1-2- Spent in Burlington, VT, enjoying the downtown nightlife, the company of good friends, and a bit of laziness after my flight back from Boise.
November  3- Vassar College, catching saw-whets at the station i worked at the last 4 years. We caught 31 in about 5 hours. Compare this to 575 hours for 95 owls in Boise, and you can imagine my delight.

 November 4- NYC by train to visit Michelle, our former housemate last year at Vassar. We went to Dizzy's, at Columbus Circle, a very swanky jazz club at Lincoln Center. Dona Moroni on piano, Joe Locke on vibes, and Peter Washington on bass. Quite the show!
November 5- Vassar again. Visited some of my professors and went to the Beech Tree Pub and Grill for the last time.
November 6- Drove to Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. Slept on national forest land, and got approached by the police at 4AM. We weren't camping or parking illegally, they were just curious what we were doing. Wish the curiosity could have waited until at …