Lucky Peak, Part 2

So i've been here 3 weeks, and only have one stinkin' owl to show for it. Apparently the migration is extraordinarily late this year. The songbird numbers and hawk-watch numbers are just starting to peak now, which is also late compared to other years. I'm in town for the first time this week. The IBO truck's brake pads fell off the vehicle on the last trip down the mountain, so we've all been stranded on top for about a week now, waiting for the truck to be fixed. I had the chance to do some photography on my day off, so i thought i'd put up a few more photos of scenery and whatnot. Enjoy!
Ponderosa Pine
MacGillivray's Warbler, with the banding shack behind it
The site of one of our owl net arrays


  1. What a beautiful, beautiful spot. Too bad its not beautiful WITH owls, but they'll come eventually. Your life used to be "Practice, practice" now its "Patience, patience." :)


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