Lucky Peak: Finally some owls!

So we're finally catching the target species in our owl nets. After catching 1 Common Poorwill, 2 flying squirrels, and 3 longhorn beetles, the owls are beginning to trickle in. People have given me a lot of sympathy for having to live in a tent in the woods for 2 months, but I'm not really sure why. I get to see the sunrise and sunset everyday, I  have my choice of handling hawks or songbirds over morning coffee, and I am constantly surrounded by stunning views and intriguing western flora and fauna.
Flammulated Owl
Northern Saw-whet Owl

Hopefully many more owls ahead of us.
Here are a couple more photos from the hawk trapping blind:
American Kestrel (Female)
Sharp-shinned Hawk (Male)


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  2. "For wonder of his hwe men hade,
    Set in his semblaunt sene;
    He ferde as freke were fade,
    And oueral enker-grene."

    (Great wonder of his hue men had,
    seen in his appearance;
    He was a fearsome and frightening warrior,
    And all over bright green)

    -Sir Gawan and the Green Knight

    I applaud your title. Hooray for science/literary crossover!

    Lovely pictures. I'm glad you finally found some owls.


  3. The flammulated owl looks like someone tore the bark off a tree, cute though!

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