The Long Trail

Why would someone hike 280 miles through the woods, subjecting their body to the wear-and-tear of 16-mile days on a trail mix diet? At first, I wasn’t really sure, but I knew it would be just what the doctor ordered after 4 years of tough academics and on the cusp of my first real step into the big post-graduate current of life. I intended to clear my mind of thesis work, post-graduation plans, and various health anomalies that had been weighing heavily on me for months. Also, I wanted the opportunity to spend time with my sister before heading off to this fieldwork lifestyle.

The trail was hugely rewarding- and then some. Two great friends joined us for 40-90 miles of the trek, and it was the first time I’ve hung out with them without academic overhead. My body was tuned into the best shape its ever been in (by the end we were climbing over mountains as if the trail was flat pavement). My sister and I are getting along better than ever. Also, I got a bit of a reality check on the things I value and where my priorities lie. Everything one needs can be strapped to your back, and anything more is either luxury or clutter. I discarded over 100 pounds of clutter upon return.

Also, I really earned my stay in Vermont. I can look at the Green Mountain range and think “been there, done that.” We met great, genuine people, saw beautiful scenery, and really took full advantage of Vermont’s summer. The trail did take its toll on my ankles and intestines (came down with giardia at the end, despite being very careful with our water purification). Also, the symbol that inspired the name of this blog I discovered on the trail- the leaved face was pinned to the wall of a shelter.

To any who have never hiked a considerable distance- do it. I have yet to find a better outlet for self-reflection, exercise, entertainment, and general euphoria towards the world around me.
Ellie, Danielle, Jason and I on top of Stratton Mountain
Ellie and I at the END of the trail!
Sunrise from atop Camel's Hump
A typical LT shelter. Thank you GMC for building so many of these things.


  1. Hey, didn't know about your blog till now. So glad I finally get to see some LT photos!!!


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